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As a person of color, 90% of the time when I go to see theater in New York City, it is not for me. But guess what I do: as a person of theater — and the main aspect of theater is sitting in a room with people and having empathy for people who do not look or sound like me, who come from different backgrounds — I expand my horizons, which is the point of theater.

You don’t trick people into pretending like “oh, this is for you” when it’s not. You tell them to expand their horizons, and explain why this is important, why you need to, as an older, white person in a metropolitan area, see something that is not about you and actually identify with the universal themes. Because that’s what people of color have to do all the time, 24/7 when they look at tv, when they go to theater, when they go see a movie. Otherwise you would go crazy and just be pissed off and never seen anything if you’re a black person. You have to become a better listener and a better audience member.

—Playwright Aurin Squire, on the Maxamoo Podcast (via itsdlevy)

This has just changed my outlook on life. Seriously.

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how to tell someone nicely to stop flirting with your crush 

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The 10 best looks from New York Fashion Week—A Vogue and Vine story. See more:

Tommy Hilfiger on Caroline Trentini by Gordon von Steiner, styled by Jorden Bickham.

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Sunrise painting the sky pink.

#landscape #dawn #sunrise #beauty

Sunrise painting the sky pink.

#landscape #dawn #sunrise #beauty